When it comes to styling, a small mistake can ruin your entire look. While fashion is ever-evolving, style is always consistent. There are some rules to it that must always be followed. After all, your style doesn’t just leave an impression on whoever you meet, it also talks about what sort of a person you are. That said, here are some basic styling tips that you must keep in mind to improve your overall look.

Keep your clothes organized

If your closet is a mess you would never be able to find the right pieces. With everything in a jumble, you are prone to just put on the first thing that catches your eyes. What you should do, is take your time to decide how you should pair your outfit for the day. Categorize your clothes and place them accordingly. Fold what’s supposed to be folded and hang what’s supposed to be hung.

Keep your shoes organized

While at cleaning the mess in your wardrobe, don’t forget to also set your shoes right. Rather than stuffing them in your cupboard without any regard for their well-being, set them properly on the shoe rack. Your habit of just tossing shoes in one over the other also reduces their lifetime. It is easier to decide which shoes to slip into when everything is where it should be.

Don’t invest in clothes that don’t fit

Fitting matters. While oversized is in trend, loose baggy in a manner that is not fashionable is bound to make you look like a clueless hobo. This equates directly to invest in a tailor. If the dress you buy, doesn’t fit you, chances are you look really bad in it. Find your right fit and if you can’t, go for some other piece. Otherwise, you should invest in a tailor who can crop and fit your clothes for you.

Don’t forget to iron your clothes

Pressing your clothes must be a rule. Don’t leave your home, if your dress is not ironed. If you don’t feel like going ahead and pressing your outfit, use a straightener. Make sure to set the heat at a low so that you don’t accidentally burn through your clothes. Hang the dress on a hanger and hold it high, then run the straightener down just like you use it on your hair.

Go for footwear that is comfortable

If you don’t know how to walk in high heels, either practice to perfection or just drop even the idea of them. Instead, wear sneakers or flats that you can rock without having to compromise on your comfort. That said, you cannot always avoid heels. For a situation that requires you to slip into a pair of sandals, go for thick soled comfy heels.

Don’t expose too much skin

Flash your flash strategically. Showing too much skin not only looks indecent but it also takes away from the curiosity of it all. The right move is to keep it modest and put only a bit of it on display. Overdoing anything in your style game can end up looking like a mess. Moderation is the key to looking classy. Remember, less is more.

Know what goes with your complexion

While everyone should be allowed to play with their favorite colors, it only does good to wear what suits your skin-tone. What might look stunning on a dark-skinned lady might not suit someone with a lighter complexion. Pick the colors that enhance your beauty rather than suppress it. However, don’t let this come between you and experimentation to improve your fashion sense.

Mix and match patterns

Two different patterns never go together is a rule that doesn’t work anymore. Mix and match to see what works for you. For instance, a floral printed blouse would go beautifully with a pair of striped palazzo pants. You’ll be able to find several different prints and patterns in your armoire. Try them on together and see what works for you.

Go for what suits your body shape

You might buy a dress wholeheartedly only to not like it when you try it on at home. This is why it is necessary to use the changing room at the store. Either way, such a disappointment is birthed because many women are unaware of their body shape. Body shapes can be broadly divided into six categories. See which one you belong to and buy your clothes accordingly.

Accessorize and glam up smartly

If you think that your overall look is very dull, add a scarf to it. Keep your jewelry on the minimal side when going out casually. Avoid overdoing your look. Carry a trendy handbag. Don’t invest in too many cheap pieces; rather go for a few expensive ones. How much makeup you should go for depends on the occasion. Don’t be ever-ready for applying too much of it.

When in doubt keep it simple

There are some statement pieces that everyone should have. These include a cross body bag, a pair of blue skinny jeans, a white tee, and a red lipstick. On days when you are not sure about how you must dress up, keep it simple with your essentials. Follow the care instructions for clothes and say no to saving them for a different occasion. This will keep them ready and new to wear.