Balenciaga has a thing for launching products that make people giggle (and throw their money). Once again, the fashion couture house has managed to come up with an innovative piece that is so good you’ll want to check yourself out in the mirror a lot of times when sporting it.

Unlike the previous Balenciaga trends of Platform Crocs and weird laundry bag like shoppers, this one is fun and wearable. This creative piece is a clutch that is shaped like a rearview mirror with an asymmetrical shape. What makes it stand out is that it has an actual mirror on one side while the other side is acrylic red.

We think like the last Balenciaga reinvention of chunky shoes this rearview mirror clutch too will become a hit soon. It comes with a detachable and adjustable chain strap in silver, so you get to either carry it or hold it. The statement accessory is perfectly handy-dandy, especially for the days you aren’t sure about your makeup.

This clutch bag gives functionality in basics a whole new meaning by allowing you to check yourself out multiple times a day without having to dig out a tiny mirror from your bag or rush to the washroom. A clever idea indeed. They are right when they say, inspiration can be found anywhere.

Proof that not only does Demna Gvasalia have a unique direction when it comes to fashion and a creative eye but also amazing sense of humor. Balenciaga keeps tossing new trendy products every now and then people can’t even have enough of one thing and the next one comes out making its way to the headlines with how unusually classy it is.

We aren’t surprised that this Spanish fashion brand has proudly walked its way ahead of Gucci, replacing it and taking the throne of the hottest fashion brand for itself.