This is the second time in a row ASOS has the audience impressed. With the mantra of inclusivity being sung out loud, the latest model for the brand has people chanting in its favor. When images of plus size model Vivian Eyo-Ephraim for the retailer’s 2018 swimwear line surfaced, social media couldn’t hold its excitement in! After all, Vivian represents a huge part of society.

Since the past year, we’ve been noticing more and more brands jumping onto the bandwagon of inclusivity. The times when people would drink up the images of slim models with perfect physiques is now far behind us. The audience is not okay with being misrepresented anymore. After all, most people don’t look as flawless as the celebs and models gracing the covers of most magazines and posing in most photoshoots do.

Now that this change in the way of doing things is getting more and more common, it is only sensible to keep up with it. The fashion houses that fail to do so are being called out for their lack of it. Take, for instance, Victoria’s Secret. That said, this is not the first time ASOS has given its thumbs up to inclusivity in fashion. Last year as well, its swimwear campaign had gained a positive response for its unretouched images.

Now once again, social media is ecstatic. One person wrote, ‘I think this is the first time I have ever looked at a bikini model and thought “maybe I could wear one too.”’ Looks like diversity is seeping into the fashion industry in its truest form. Looking at the wonderful reaction of people on social platforms, Vivian took to her official Instagram to show her happiness and gratitude.

She wrote, “Thank you ALLLL so much for the messages, the likes, the comments, the retweets, everything!!! I’m truly appreciative, shocked, excited & cannot wait to represent more women & make everyone even more proud.” It’s just been seven months since Vivian joined Bridge Models and she is already a star. Looks like her path is laid with success.

Just a month back ASOS had people praising it for its humorous ways. The e-retailer had misprinted the spelling of “online” on some of its bags but it didn’t hide behind the covers, hoping nobody noticed. Instead, it took to social media and tackled the situation in a comic manner that won hearts! Way to go, ASOS. Here’s to hoping more brands follow suit and feature diverse models.