It’s the digital age where it is better to accept your miskate like a boss rather than hoping for people to skip it. (Pun intended) Because Twitter, my friends, is unforgiving. ASOS, the e-retailer that has been part of Twitter trolls one too many times, this time around bagged the hearts of Twitterati.

The company actually made a typo on 17000 of its plastic bags but instead of ignoring the deal they owned up to the innocuous error. ASOS printed the slogan “Discover fashion Online” incorrectly when they misspelled online as onilne. They then posted a picture of said mistake with a caption that read, “Ok, so we *may* have printed 17,000 bags with a typo. We’re calling it a limited edition.”

Not only was it a smart move to admit that a typo had been made, but they also handled the whole matter in a rather humorous way. The tweet was sent out only today morning and it immediately gained a lot of praise from followers. Many joined in the joke and some even said that they now wanted to shop just because they wanted to get their hands on one of these bags.

One person wrote, “Watch eBay go mad with people selling them for thousands.” While another asked Merriam Webster if there was any chance of adding the word onilne to the dictionary. Shoppers were very impressed with how honestly ASOS dealt with the situation.

Some people noted that ASOS didn’t waste the plastic bags and instead decided to use them. at which the e-retailer pointed out that each of its mailing bags and boxes is recyclable. Moral of the story? We all make mistakes. The difference lies in how we handle them. A wise man once said, “Every time you find some humor in a difficult situation, you win.”