Following her breakup with Pete Davidson, Ariana Grande is not thinking about any new relationship.

She’s taking time off her love life to focus on herself just like she should do considering the tragedy that hit her recently. Yes, we’re referring to Mac Miller’s death who was the Love Me Harder singer’s ex. The rapper’s passing shook Grande and everyone witnessed as she broke down and then got back up like the strong woman she is.

However, on Monday when Ariana Grande left a very obviously just friendly comment on the picture of another of her exes, Ricky Alvarez, the internet started questioning if they had gotten back together. Grande was quick to wipe the first wave of rumors off.

She replied to one of the commentators who was asking her if she was ready to get back together with Ricky. The 26-year-old typed, “We’re friends everyone take a big ol breather.” First off all, people really need to understand that two people can be friends after their breakup.

Secondly, this was not the first time Grande and Ricky interacted on social media. So there was no point to even think they were dating. Only recently did Grande apologize to Ricky on Instagram stories when he posted his reaction to her newest hit.

Grande gave her dancer ex-boyfriend a shout out in her newest release. In Thank You, Next, she sang “wrote some songs about Ricky, now I listen and laugh.” In her story, she responded to Ricky’s confusion by saying that she had given him that line “lovingly.”

Ricky and Ariana were in a relationship for almost a year. Their love affair started in 2015 and they went their separate ways in 2016. It’s obvious that Ariana is on friendly terms with all her boyfriends including Pete Davidson. She’s come to Pete’s defense as well as the internet’s bullies tried to tear him down following their breakup.