Here’s some good news; we’ll be seeing Zendaya and Ansel Elgort together on one screen soon! How cool is that? Like a dream come true! To make things 1000x better, Jake Gyllenhaal would also be a part of this production!

If your internal fangirl is done with screaming, here are the details that we have: The name of the movie is set to be The Finest Kind. It’s about two brothers; Gyllenhaal and Elgort, who get tangled in the mess of Boston’s underworld. What role Zendaya would be playing is not yet known. Either way, we’re pretty sure she’ll rock it.

The movie will be written and directed by Brian Helgeland, who had worked on L.A. Confidential too and is an Oscar winner. The genre would be crime thriller and we’re already thrilled. That’s all the information that has surfaced so far. Elgort has given us many amazing movies recently including Baby Driver and November Criminals.

It’s no secret that Gyllenhaal is a magician when it comes to creating hits in a row. Whereas Zendaya has also had a lot going on. Last year, she gave fans an amazing performance in The Greatest Showman with Hugh Jackman and only recently has she wrapped up a Disney project. It’s still not known how these three super-talented individuals juggle so much work.

If you somehow figure it out, please do inform us too! Fans are also super excited for this upcoming movie even though it is still in the tunnels of development and not even a release date has been marked on the calendar for it. One fan wrote, “ansel elgort, zendaya, and jake gyllenhaal all in one movie? that’s a dream team right there.”

We couldn’t agree more. From the looks of the hype that the film has created by just announcing the casting, it’s pretty obvious that it will be a super hit.