Not so long ago, news came out from Indian media outlets that Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra are set to tie the knot this year. It came to public knowledge that the former Jo-Bro bandmate and his Indian fiancée had decided to celebrate the event in Jodhpur, India after a bridal shower in New York. Their marriage was fixed to take place in November.

However, there might be a slight change in plans as per what Entertainment Tonight is reporting. “The couple is still planning their wedding for next year,” an insider reported to ET. “Both of them are extremely busy but are making time to enjoy the relationship and not rush anything more than they already have.”

Wait right there; has not it all been decided already? Why the sudden change in plans? We can’t help but wonder if they are struggling with their relationship. What other reason can there be for deciding to backtrack?

Remember how not one or two but three Hollywood couples rushed into the engagement realm? Pete Davidson might have succeeded at putting a ring on Ariana Grande’s finger but said ring slid off even more smoothly. The couple broke up and it came out that they were not even planning to marry!

Then come Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin. These two might have gotten married at the speed of lightening but look at all the trouble they are facing now. Despite them maintaining their relationship in front of the cameras, no one can say for sure what’s going on in truth considering what reports are saying these days about Justin Bieber still not being over Selena Gomez.

The same source continued saying, “Priyanka and Nick are on the same page about wanting to get married earlier rather than later and are telling friends it will most likely be next year.”