If you think your best friend breaking your trust is the worst thing that could happen to you, just hope you never experience a bigger type of pain. The sort that comes with your man going behind your back to stab your heart.

We’ve all heard tales about how men break women’s fragile hearts. But until it doesn’t happen to us we think our love story is too strong, too solid for a crack like that to surface. While cheating often puts more blame on the lady who steals your man from you, know that your man is more blameworthy.

No one is a kid who can be lured away with some candy. That said, while you can’t stop someone from cheating on you, what you can do is turn the notch down on the pain it might cause by reducing the ‘shock waves’ emitted when he drops the bomb on you. “Karin, I don’t like you anymore, my heart is with another woman” don’t let such a line break you; know already.

So how do you figure out if your man is sharing intimate moments with some other girl? Here are some signs that can help you figure out:

His behavior has changed

Is your man a little too annoyed with you all the time? Has he stopped being romantic or initiating any lovey-dovey moments with you? While the spark that a couple shares can also be diluted because of time and responsibilities, sometimes its more to the story than just that. If this change in behavior is sudden and odd as well, know that something that shouldn’t be brewing is brewing.

He has changed all his passwords

In the digital world, it’s all too easy to trace the marks left on social media, in inboxes, somewhere inside phones. If your man starts changing all his passwords and avoids sharing those with you, or just avoids typing them in when you are around, something is definitely fishy. His inbox probably holds a forbidden secret or two. His files might be hiding the tinder app somewhere.

He works till extra late in the night

While work is a chore that often requires more time, most men hide behind that reason when they go out to meet their lovers. However, you shouldn’t come to conclusions here unless you are sure. It would be rude to accuse someone of a secret affair when they are actually at their office working their bums off.

He’s more interested in your schedule

If your man is more interested in your routine lately but it is obvious he is not planning any surprises for you, it’s time for you to be more observative. When cheating, people want to know what times you’ll be too occupied to suspect anything. So, if your man wants to know about your schedule for no obvious reason, start sniffing.

He’s caring more about his appearance

If your partner is too careless about his looks normally and suddenly starts taking an interest in appearing more appealing, question why. Is it because he wants to attract you because you have been snapping out of attention? Or is this new change in him not related to you at all? It can be that he’s getting all ready for some other lady.

He’s spending too much

Sometimes people just shop more for various reasons. But if you notice his money missing, while you don’t see where it is going exactly, it can be that he’s spending it on another woman, trying to impress her and all. This change is easier to point out when your man is not the sort who spends a lot on a regular basis.

He doesn’t go out with you

Chances are, your man is not just cheating on you but also playing with the girl he is flirting with. If all of a sudden, he cuts down on public dates and appearances, he might be hiding you from someone along with hiding someone from you too. Maybe he doesn’t want you and the other woman in his life to come across each other.

He has new interests

While getting interested in new things is common and shouldn’t cause a red light to go bright, if your partner all of a sudden is more interested in a whole lot of new activities and doesn’t want these new interests of his to relate to you, there might be something, or someone, more to his life. This should ring an alert bell in your mind.

He has new friends you don’t know

Is he hanging out with new people that weren’t his friends before and aren’t your friends either? Are these friends suddenly too important to him and yet he won’t introduce you to them? That’s totally suspicious. That can mean that these new friends have come in his life courtesy of some other special person. Either way, keep tabs, he might be getting involved in something regrettable.

So, is he, or is he not cheating on you? Be sure before you get angry and pounce on the poor guy. Maybe, just maybe, despite meeting all these signs, he’s not cheating on you. Get solid proof, and then confront him like an adult. If he is cheating on you, move on from him. You deserve better than that.