It has only been a few days since we have rolled into 2019 but we already have the crystal balls out with predictions for the year on the ready. We’ve been through the health and wellness trends as well as the food and drink trends for the present year.

It’s about time that we jump into the diet trends that will take over this year. U.S News has already released the names of the meal plans that have ranked the healthiest in the current year. The top meal plans include:

  • The Mediterranean diet
  • The Keto diet
  • The DASH diet
  • The Flexitarian diet
  • The MIND diet

Besides, the Nordic diet has also been added to this list for the first time with a position on number 9. It is a plant-based eating pattern traced from the dishes commonly on the plates of people in the Scandinavian countries.

Let’s now roll into the dieting trends that will unfold in 2019:

1. Medicinal mushrooms

Mushrooms have been used for their health merits since ages. Some of the noteworthy medicinal properties that mushrooms show include anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antidiabetic, anticancer, and cardiovascular-protective properties.

Owing to these medicinal properties, people are adding mushrooms such as Reishi, chaga, Turkey tail, and Lion’s mane to their diet. These are being taken in as part of daily smoothies, tea and cappuccino, or as daily supplements. This trend of taking mushrooms will bloom in the present year.

2. Healthier beverages

Healthier beverages will also make it to the diet trends observed in the present year. The first of this kind of drink is a Prebiotic Craft Soda by Crazy D’s Soda Labs, a Toronto-based company.

The soda doesn’t contain any flavors, sugar, preservatives, caffeine, or artificial colors. Instead, it is sweetened with prebiotic yaćon root. More such healthy beverages will surface in the present. Plus, you can also expect to see other organic cocktail options the will help boost gut health.

3. Cauliflower

in the daily humdrum of life, how many us give thought to the poor cauliflower? Turns out more people will give thought to cauliflower this year, adding it to their dishes generously. It provides three of fiber in just one cup with only 25 calories. Research also says that the vegetable is valuable for long-term weight loss, regulating blood sugars, keeping us full, and reducing the risk of diabetes.

4. More plant-based food

Besides cauliflower, other plants will also gain prominence this year. More people will be eating plant. As per the guidelines set by USDA, adults should eat 3-5 servings of vegetables and 2-4 services of fruit daily. In other words, half of your plate should contain plant-based food.

5. The bitters

The bitter picks such as grapefruit, cacao, asparagus, and cucumbers will also become popular in 2019. They will become part and parcel of several diets as nutritionists are predicting. Such bitter foods are liver-friendly and help detoxify your gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, aiding in digestion and also helping you trim your weight.

6. Un-dieting

Experts also hope that intuitive eating will take over the present year. It is important to recall that specific diets and nutrition trends are different. Moreover, about 80-95% of the diet fail in the long haul. Therefore, hope that healthy eating replaces dieting will continue into 2019.

7. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is another hot diet trend for 2019. Intermittent fasting poses significant benefits for weight loss. A study showed that alternative-day dieter can lose 10 to 30 pounds on average in eight weeks. It may also help with lowering bad or LDL cholesterol and blood pressure. Consequently, intermittent fasting will become more popular this year.

8. Oat milk

As part of the food and drink trends too, nut milks are growing their fandom. As more and more people are becoming lactose intolerant or aiming to avoid dairy products in general, nut milks are serving as great alternatives. Among these, oat milk is getting a lot of appreciation, which will continue on into the present year.

9. Mindful eating

Lastly, mindful eating will also top the diet trends in the current year. It is related to paying attention to your meal and the process of eating itself. In other words, mindful eating is about eating in the moment. So, instead of watching TV and eating, pay attention to the flavors in your mouth.

Image Source: Freshnlean Blog