Detoxifying an organ that helps in the cleansing of the entire body is extremely important. You must have heard of detox water and foods, which are part of various diet plans and are mainly used for weight loss. However, there are several food items that nature has given us, which help in detoxifying the body, especially, an important organ like the liver.

Here’s the list of all eatables that you can make part of your diet for a better health:

  1.    Garlic

Garlic is one of the food sources that help with a ton of health-related concerns including weight loss, high blood pressure, and cleansing your liver. It is packed with numerous compounds that act as antibacterial, which eliminate the chances of illness or toxicity. Moreover, garlic helps the liver in cleansing itself by the release of detox enzymes.

  1.    Grapefruit

Juice extracted from grapefruits works well for filtering impurities from your liver. Grapefruit, like other citrus fruits, boasts a good amount of vitamin C and antioxidants. Both of these helps with washing away all the toxic substances from the body. Moreover, you can also add grapefruit to your weight loss regime as it speeds up your metabolism.

  1.    Coffee

If you are someone who loves coffee and need a cup of it first thing in the morning, then this is definitely good news for you. Coffee is one of those drinks that promote liver health and reduces the chances of various liver diseases. This beverage works by reducing the inflammation and increasing antioxidants in the body, which helps the liver significantly.

  1.    Green tea

Green tea is another source of caffeine. Like coffee, however, it is one of the famous drinks which is taken for detox programs. Green tea works in a great way as it helps in two-way detoxification. In the first part, it makes the toxins and water present in the liver soluble. This makes them easier to excrete. In the second part, it either neutralizes the waste or excretes them from the body.

  1.    Beets

Beetroots have multiple health benefits including liver detoxification. Like other vegetables, beetroot contains potent antioxidants. Apart from that, it promotes enzymes, which reduce the toxicity in the body. Moreover, it also works with bile, which aids in breaking down large nutrients like fat and make it easier for the body to absorb them.

  1.    Leafy green vegetables

Leafy green vegetables are no doubt the most important part of a balanced diet. It is commonly recommended that you add a lion’s share of these veggies to diet meal plants. The best thing about leafy vegetables is that they can be cooked and can be eaten raw and taste great in both the states. Being an active part of nature, they assist in clearing all the harmful toxins from your body with the help of chlorophyll present in them.

  1.    Berries

Berries are an excellent source of antioxidants. These antioxidants also responsible for giving the different shades to berries. Antioxidants are crucial for cleansing purposes. Consumption of berries as a whole, in form of juices and smoothies, or mixed with other foods can help with liver detoxification. Consumption of berries for few weeks can yield positive results.

Detoxification of the body is highly important to reduce the chances of any potential threat. These foods not only help with purifying your body but they also help with multiple other health concerns such as diabetes, hypertension, cardiac health, and even weight loss. As our diet plays a detrimental role in deciding our health, it’s important to concentrate on eating healthily for an active and disease-free life.