Your BFF is the one person who knows everything about you. This person has been with you through thick and thin. Best friends are soulmates who are there by your side not only at school but also at all other times. Connected via text or via heart, these special people complete you.

Dates with best friends are about watching movies together, stalking crushes at the weirdest of times, and clicking selfies every time you both look good. However, friendship shouldn’t only be about hanging out at the closest bar and sleepovers at each other’s houses when they can be more.

You and your best pal should do more things together to create memories that bind your friendship strongly. That said, here is our list of 6 unique things, you and your BFF should definitely do together!

Watch a TV series

If you haven’t already, it’s about time you and your best friend should schedule a week for binge-watching a TV series together. With Netflix giving the audience hit upon hit, you should consider picking a show that you both would enjoy and watch it together even if you are not on the same continent. The discussions after every episode would be so worth it!

Travel abroad

If you have already graduated and have collected the bucks, you and your BFF should consider going on a trip together. Travel grows you in more ways than one and growing with your best friend would be fun. You don’t necessarily have to have a heavy wallet to enjoy a trip. With your best pal beside you, you have everything that you need. There are several ways you can keep the expenses low.

Take hobby classes

While you might have taken a good load of academic classes together, take some classes for fun as well. You both should, at least once, take classes together, classes of something that both of you enjoy. So, you are interested in art and your friend is more into dancing? Consider going for both together! This would also help you both learn more about each other’s interests.

Go on a spa session

The spa is one place where you get to relax on a whole new level. You and your BFF must plan a spa session together. Not only is going for a spa session great for grooming purposes but it also good for your health. It can help you destress after a particularly difficult day. Who’s a better person to go to spa with than your best bud?

Try an extreme sport

When we say an extreme sport we’re taking about skydiving, hiking, and bungie jumping. We’re not talking about you two running laps on your institute’s grounds. Decide on whether you both would like to enjoy water sports or something that takes you in the air. Go for gear shopping together and enjoy a great day trying something new.

Go for a photo session

You and your best friend probably take a lot of pictures together. Why not arrange a meetup specifically for this purpose? Not only would it be enjoyable, but it would also help you both get your fill of Instagram-worthy pictures for a month. You can both set up a place for the photo-clicking day or just stroll around town taking pictures every which where.

We’re pretty sure there are a lot of other things that you and your best friend can do together. Not only do such plans strengthen your relationship but they also give you memories that you’re sure to cherish for the rest of your lives!