Did you suffer from soreness after the first day at the gym? Well, if you had, then it’s completely normal because you finally moved your muscles that needed that movement. Since the physical activity was a new challenge for your muscles, they ended up being sore.

Although muscle soreness at the beginning of your workout phase is fine, what isn’t healthy is an injury. Gym injuries can even leave lifetime effects. So, for saving you from them here are five ways to avoid them:

  1. Warm up

If you are thinking that doing weights right out of bed is a good idea, then it definitely isn’t. Essentially, following extreme steps is not something you should do. Instead, warm up your body. A warmed up body makes the rest of the workout far easier.

Why? Because, your muscles are cold when you enter the gym. These also do not have a sufficient supply of blood for an exercise. Therefore, it is advisable that you dedicate at least 5-10 minutes to warm-up that will pump up your muscles and readies your body for the workout session.

  1. Wrong steps

When doing various sets of exercises, it’s of great importance to follow the directions carefully. This is especially when lifting heavy weights. A wrong step or technique can become the reason for a serious gym injury. It can hurt your muscles bad enough that you are unable work out for a long time.

That is also the reason why consulting a trainer is essential. Trainers are certified people with the complete experience of how to carry out an exercise properly. They guide you accordingly alongside giving instructions against wrong steps that can lead you to a hospital.

  1. Different day calls for different sets

This is one of the basic rules that you need to keep in mind when starting at the gym. Change your workout style daily. Try different sets from aerobics to yoga. Different sets of exercise prepare your body accordingly and strengthen each part of your body rather than a certain area. This slashes your risk of injuries.

Apart from relieving your muscles and saving them from tiring out, cross-training also benefits your body by speeding your metabolism. Different exercises on a different day will burn fats from all part of your body. For instance, cycling will use up your legs and thighs while weights can burn fat in arms.

  1. Diet for the deed

A gym is not the only way of staying healthy. Diet also plays a great role. Hence, what you need is a proper and healthy diet to fuel your body. This is the reason that a balanced diet is highly important for all those who sweat at the gym.

Make sure you have enough carbohydrates to make for all the energy that you used during your working out. Through workout, you used your muscles. Thus, take proper protein to build your muscles. And don’t forget to drink plenty of water to make up for all the sweating.

  1. Rest to restart

Make sure you rest when your body calls for it. In this regard, take a day off from your intense workout schedule. If your body gives you a signal of being worn out, then it probably is and you need to give it a break from all the heavy lifting and quick bends.

Though rest days can be pretty empty, still you don’t have to complete them with a long run. They are titled rest days for a reason, it’s better you use them by doing something light and letting your body relax and breathe properly. Remember- rest your body to restart again.

So, if you are deciding on joining a gym anytime soon make sure you have these few pointers in your mind before damaging your muscles. Don’t go hard on yourself and meet your goals gradually.