The combination of sweat and thirst in summers explains why you need to drink more water when the heat rises. But does that mean that winters do not require you to drink as much water? Wrong. Your body needs water regardless of the season. There are several reasons that explain why you shouldn’t stop focusing on how much water you’re drinking in the cold weather.

Let’s explore these to understand the need for more water consumption in winters.

1 – To keep you from getting dehydrated:

It is necessary to consume more water in winter to fight winter dehydration. In summers, you sweat and feel more thirst, two things that don’t happen in winter and make you come to the conclusion that you don’t need as much water.

However, in truth, your body does lose water in the form of water vapors from your nose and your mouth as you exhale the chilly air. What’s more, heaters and wearing blankets, etc. can also make you get dehydrated. Dehydration can hamper blood circulation which means vital nutrients and oxygen do not reach your organs.

2 – To keep your skin moisturized:

The skin needs water to stay supple and healthy. Water is also essential for flushing out toxins that can enter your skin through pores. The dry air in winters can compromise the quality of the skin. Moving in and out from warm rooms to the cold weather outside can cause skin to crack and peel.

It can also cause your lips to chap. This is why it is essential to drink water in winters to keep the skin moisturized, healthy, and fresh. Therefore, even if you are not feeling thirsty, don’t go an entire day without drinking water.

3 – To keep your weight from increasing:

The cold weather makes us just want to tuck ourselves beneath layers and layers of blankets and keep munching on food. Drinking water when you feel hungry can satisfy your hunger and keep you from indulging in overeating.

Moreover, water also aids in digestion and hence, encourages weight loss. It also helps with digestive problems such as constipation and diarrhea. Winter is known for the seasonal depression that it brings along. This can trigger emotional eating and water consumption is one way to control that issue as well.

4 – To keep you energetic:

You don’t always need coffee to combat fatigue. The cause behind your exhaustion can also be dehydration. That said, adding more water to your diet can be of assistance. Water can up your energy levels and keep you more productive.

Along with keeping your energy reserves filled, it also enables all your organs to function properly. Hence, don’t forget to treat yourself to water to fight off fatigue and let yourself stay active throughout the day.

5 – It keep your immunity strong:

Your immune system can weaken easily in the winter season because of all the viruses and bacteria roaming in the air. Dehydration can weaken the resistance system. Mucus membranes can dry out in the cold weather.

This means that you are at a higher risk of catching infections. Weak immunity means that flus, coughs, etc. would last longer and be more severe as well. This is why, you should stay hydrated to stay protected from ailments.


To recap, your body needs water to stay hydrated, to protect your body from infections by strengthening your immunity, and to keep your skin moisturized. Over and above that, water consumption is also necessary to keep your energy levels up and to save you from weight gain. Thus, whether its winter or summer, don’t forget to drink the recommended ounces of water per day.