While the entire world is looking for the magical potion that has no adverse side effects and works to make you look more beautiful, the right drink might as well be in front of us all along. Research shows that water brings along dozens of health benefits. The human body is 60% water, each cell in the body needs water to function. Try to avoid water for a few days and you’ll walk into your grave. Even food doesn’t trump its need.

Water plays a role in making one look and feel fresh. It protects the health of people and can also give a stop to headaches. Going without water for a few hours is bound to make you feel tired, imagine what its lack must be doing to your organs! It doesn’t come off as a surprise that among the many tricks that it has in its arsenal, one is that it assists with weight loss.

Most people engage in strenuous exercises and go for restricting diets but what they forget is the simplest rule of shedding off excess pounds; drink more water. The average person drinks a lot less water than the amount his body requires. Wondering how water assists in weight loss? Here’s how:

It works as an appetite suppressant

One of the major benefits of water is that it can curb your cravings. An iced glass of water is sure to quench your thirst for another sugary soft drink which can damage your health in more ways than one. This is why it is recommended to drink a full glass of water before you dive into your lunch or dinner.

It may give a boost to your metabolism

Science says that water can bring about a small increase in metabolic activity. And everyone knows that metabolism plays a major role in weight loss. The conclusions on whether or not water can help with metabolism are contradictory. While cold water has shown to simulate metabolism by a bit, water stored at room temperature has not.

It can power your workouts

Going to the gym for strenuous workouts is hard enough. That might as well be the most difficult thing to do when trying to chop off weight. However, drinking an ample amount of water can make it easier. Being dehydrated keeps you from performing at your best in the exercise department. That’s because physical activity results in loss of water in the form of sweat. You must make up for this dehydration.

It flushes out toxins

Toxin buildup in your body can be the reason behind your increasing weight. Water intake combats this problem. It cleanses your body of impurities which in turn works to help you slim down along with benefiting your kidneys. Drinking more water also keeps your body from retaining water which also helps you drop pounds.